The Saturday “Quinpool Quandary” Bike Ride

…also know as the “one month later…again!” bike ride.

About this time last month I did the Sambro loop.  Well, it was time, since the bridge is still closed (and normally I would have done the Lawrencetown ride), to do it again.

Gee, my options are limited when I don’t want any other mode of transportation involved…

Went down Purcells Cove road from, the Armdale roundabout, and met up with Herring Cove road.  Then, I took the long way around, through Duncans’ Cove, and Sambro, and yet so close to Crystal Crescent beach.  Returned on Old Sambro road, and back through Spryfield and finally West-end Halifax.

All in all, it was a 61 km journey, at a rate of 20.2 km/h.

2015-09-19 - Herring Cove - Sambro ride - 61.0, 20.2

The Saturday “Quinpool Quandary” Bike Ride

The Special Labour Day “Bean-Eyed” Bike Ride

…also known as the “three holidays in a row” bike ride.

I checked my archives, and seems the last three holidays off I went not only in this direction, but as far as the Saint Margaret’s Bay trail (if not all the way to the Bike and Bean).

Anyway, the route (as usual) consisted for the COLT, BLT (you should know these by now), and finally St. Margaret’s Bay trails, rest at the Bike and Bean, and then returned.

Like Canada Day, the Bean was closed for business today.  Ah well.

Stats-wise, 60.5 km traveled, with a moving average of 20.1 km/h.

2015-09-07 - Bike and Bean ride - 60.5 - 20.1

The Special Labour Day “Bean-Eyed” Bike Ride