The Saturday “Quinpool Quandary” Bike Ride

…also know as the “one month later…again!” bike ride.

About this time last month I did the Sambro loop.  Well, it was time, since the bridge is still closed (and normally I would have done the Lawrencetown ride), to do it again.

Gee, my options are limited when I don’t want any other mode of transportation involved…

Went down Purcells Cove road from, the Armdale roundabout, and met up with Herring Cove road.  Then, I took the long way around, through Duncans’ Cove, and Sambro, and yet so close to Crystal Crescent beach.  Returned on Old Sambro road, and back through Spryfield and finally West-end Halifax.

All in all, it was a 61 km journey, at a rate of 20.2 km/h.

2015-09-19 - Herring Cove - Sambro ride - 61.0, 20.2

The Saturday “Quinpool Quandary” Bike Ride

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