Best Case Scenario

I finally done it.

As the empty glass piles up in the basement, I broke out the box of beer kit and heated some water.

Started with infusing the brew with grain.  With this, we make “tea.”  As you can see below, it’s a mighty tea bag…

So into the pot it goes.  Even in half the intended time, it gives quite a character to the water.

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Next up, with the bag removed, in goes the malt, bring to a boil (without boiling over – tricky for a smaller pot) and add the boiling hops.


This makes for another half hour process, at close watch the whole time.  In the last minute, finishing hops are added, and the primary fermentor is prepared.  Cold water, as cold as you can get it (about 5L).

Then, the wort is poured in, topped off to the 23L mark with more cold water, stirred, and then wait for the temp to go down below 30C for the yeast.

You may notice the belt.  My house has thermostats often below 20C, so the belt will keep the wort a little warmer than ambient temperature.

Now, it’s the waiting game.

Best Case Scenario

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