Window Brushing

I suppose home improvement season has begun.  The snow has disappeared, the thermometer is rising, and the flowers are starting to show.

A week or so ago, I repaired the front porch planter box which had the bottom start to fall out of the past winter (or possibly, two).  Took out all the soil, and added screws where I could.  It should hold for another five years, not much longer though.

Soil is back in, waiting for new flowers.

Anyway, not sure if I ever mentioned I got my last batch of new windows in last spring.  They were not inserts, so there is a lot of new trim to paint.  Given I have significant plans for half the rooms new windows were inserted (though time is a factor), I have put off any energy in dealing with those.

The only room with a new window that was fully on my radar on the other hand, is the downstairs bathroom.  It is a room that could have more attention in the next little while, the room has mostly been renovated already and all that is left is the tub and surround.

So today, I found it was time to tackle that window’s trim.  As there is a shelf already coated with Varathane, my strategy is to not paint the whole trim, to preserve some of the natural wood grain that is the interior window  box.

With the blinds taken down, I took painters tape to the boundaries I did not want to Varathane.  At that point, I added my coats.  It took four coats to get the consistency I wanted (with 40 to 60 minutes drying breaks in between), although in  hindsight I should have went with six.

For the final drying time, I waited a few hours, came back around 8PM.  The Varathane was still tacky in sports, though not too bad.  I removed the tape, removed the towel bracket, replaced the blind brackets, and placed new tape.

I got out my trim paint (which sadly, is also the bathroom paint), and handled the primed trim.  Luckily, it was drying as fast as I was getting back to it, quite possibly was painting for less than half an hour.

By the time I got the last “coat” on the face, the side of the trim was dry and I could put the towel rack back together.  Removed the tape one last time, put the towel rack back together, and finally, re-hung the blinds.

A lazy Sunday project well done.

Window Brushing

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