The 2016 Heartland Tour Short Ride

Also known as the “coffin up a storm” ride.  This is a wonderful event that promotes physical activity to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.  They hold bike rides and walks in eight communities all over Nova Scotia for about a week every year.  This year is rather special, as it is the 10th anniversary!

Warming up before the start of the rides – long, short, and trail

Anyway, our route taken – using the bike (Norco Malahat) I won last year – is the regular route for the “short” ride (still almost 30km), going from the Halifax Commons to Herring Cove via the Armdale Roundabout and Purcell’s Cove road.  From there (and after a break), we made the return on Herring Cove road, through Spryfield and back up Quinpool road.

The Track Completed

For stats, the total distance was 27.5km, and my rate (moving average) was a slow (and painful) 16.5km/h.  This is a hilly route, especially from the foot of the St. Margarets Bay Road to Herring Cove, and I was breathing out of control on a couple hills (this is also the first year I used the low chain ring).

Upon return (and the long ride was returning around the same time), lunch was provided (sandwiches and chocolate milk), as well as other goodies.  Before eating I got my blood pressure checked, it came back as a relaxed 130 over 78 (about an hour later it went up a little higher to 140 over 84).

Nick Giacomantonio’s Bike – I like the personal touch!

Up next was the city ride.  I bowed out of that one, but I mostly stuck around the grounds while the group was out and listened to music provided by the tour and later on a C100 van.

Upon their return, words of recognition were given (with speeches), among them were the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Lawtons, and Bank of Montreal Atlantic.  The representative for BMO, along with Dr. Nick, then drew for the door prizes – separate draws for adults and children – which included Aerobics first gift certificates, as well as three bicycles.  Sadly I did not win again this year (although that A1 gift certificate would have come in handy … nine days previous).

All in all, a great day.  Perfect weather for the event, and I plan to return next year.

On a side note, I need to make the effort to get out on the bike more – this is only the third long (> 20km) trip I have made so far this year.  If I plan to do the long ride next year – or at some point – I will need to get in shape again.  Today was a wake-up call that what I could do with little hassle even a year ago now takes a lot of effort.  My adjusted goal for this year (being realistic now) seems no longer the 60km Sambro loop, but rather the trail ride of the same distance but with less hills (round trip to the Bike and Bean).

This is becoming a long post, so I will end with … swag.  Cheers.

What would be an event without swag?


The 2016 Heartland Tour Short Ride

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