Sweaty Sheets: The Bed Frame Project

Poor timing for this project, being a very hot and humid day.

I haven’t had much recent luck with bed frames.  The one I had for over a decade (built to handle a waterbed), much neglected (the fasteners were slowly loosening); a bracket cracked, and eventually snapped off.

Enter the stand-in.  It was gifted to me in my time of need.  It wasn’t until I got it home when I realized that it was not going to work “out of the box”.  It required a foot board (one I did not have), and it assumed a one-piece box spring (due to my house I require a split box spring).  So I made it work, but I cursed the thing since day one, and every time my shin hit that makeshift foot board.

Until tonight.

Having thought of this ever since a coworker suggested it to me a few months ago, I wanted to build my own bed frame.  Something simple and sturdy.  My neighbour was around earlier today, so we made a trip to the hardware store for 3 2×6″, 3 2×4″ and 3 1×3″ (all 8′ long), as well as some 2″ and 3″ screws, and a paintbrush.

In reality, I would have needed a bit more lumber, but I had a few chunks lying around anyway that even though did not look the best, they can be hidden well.

Armed with a (no) Skil-Saw, cordless drill, and cordless impact gun, I put together the platform first.  The measurements for this is of the utmost importance (measure twice, cut once) so I got it out of the way first.  For those following along, I assumed the platform size of 60.5″ x 80.5″ (to give myself some play with the boxspring).

With that done, I worked on the base, I measured more than what was necessary except, it still came out about 4″ too wide!  Oh well, with the 2×6″ sides centered underneath the 2×4″ sides – as opposed to having a little bit hanging inside, it adds to the stability and my cross brace for later can still be satisfied by tacking on a couple spare 2×4’s on the inside.

Now to put the base and platform together …

… harmony.

Next up is the box spring trim.  As you can see above, a first piece is tacked on, now to fit the other side, the foot, and then remove the sides to square off the head.

Just about time to tear it all down.

Tear it down?  Well, if a one piece box spring cannot get up the stairs, neither can this while still in one piece.  Besides, I still have to Varathane the visible pieces.

All torn apart, remaining pieces to the right.

(I know, my deck is a mess.)

I did three coats.  By the time I finished the first, the wood was ready for the second.  Had to wait a few minutes to start the third (watered some plants in the mean time), and then once the third coat was on, I left them for a few hours to dry.

Back to tearing this apart …

Skirting in the wash, supper been had, now time to take out the trash!  You may notice the incline.  This is due to an acid reflux problem I sometimes have.  I am unsure as to whether I am to keep the incline.  I decided for it in the end.

Did I mention it must have been the hottest day in the summer thus far?  Humidex was at 40 degrees!  I was dripping in sweat outside, and now indoors (in spite of the open windows and the fan).

In getting it together sooner than later, I skipped a few pictures at this stage, but I unbolted the old frame, got it out of there, brought up the new frame piece by piece, screwed it back together, moved it around a few times (with the help of the roommate) to get to all sides, reinforced it with more screws, put the headboard back on and …

… voila, it all fits.

Okay, final cleanup: put the incline back in under the box spring, get the mattress back on, and make the bed.

All back to normal.

Finished at 11PM, time to turn in.

Sweaty Sheets: The Bed Frame Project

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