My Birthday SSD Adventure

Yesterday was my birthday, so I started a video setting up a gift to myself, using CloneZilla, a StarTech adapter, and other tools.

I recently replaced my EeePC 900HA (ASUS) with a ThinkPad T420 (Lenovo).  The T420 came with a 128GB SSD, and as much as I would have appreciated the speed boost, 128GB would be a downgrade for me coming from the 160GB platter drive I had in the EeePC.  Considering I maintain two OS’es on laptops (WIndows and GNU/Linux), the estimated 18 to 30GB for shared data between them is not enough.

Luckily I had a spare 256GB platter drive kicking around to set up my dual boot scenario.  However, as the SSD was a 7mm thick drive, the rails that held it in were too small for the 256GB, and the drive I subsequently bought off NewEgg for my upcoming birthday (both 9.5mm thick).  I kludged a solution in lieu of rails, but I knew it would not be long term as my “shim” can be a smoke hazard (since HDDs and SSD’s can get very warm).

Well, yesterday, the package with my SSD and USB adapter (to connect externally for the purpose of disk cloning) arrived.  My video starts at this point, through many segments, going through the process of cloning the old disk onto the new (following a guide by HowToGeek), making sure the new boots (as well as the old), and finally extending the disk to take advantage of the extra space.

I learned a few things, including not to mess with SATA settings (in the BIOS) for established Windows installs, and also that Windows does not like it when you boot a clone of it off a USB adapter.

Remaining to do is once I get the rails, is install the SSD permanently, as well as in Windows turn off the defragmentation schedule as well as turn off drive indexing.

You can watch the whole video on YouTube.

My Birthday SSD Adventure

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