Halloween Special – The RAM Episode

This has little to do with Android, except for how I got here…

I have been using my Lenovo M91 for about a year now (the core components – case, mobo, CPU – I have bought for $10 as it was surplus).  When I put this PC together, I cannibalized the remaining parts from my older M58 (Video Card, RAM, HDD, SSD) which included 12GB of RAM. Three sticks of four.  For a four slot machine.  This means back then, I was going from and going to a situation where I would not be setting up my PC to full potential.

This came to a head about a month ago, when I started getting Jack Out of Memory errors while building AOSP (well, from an AOSP base).  I tried decreasing the treads from four to three, the only thing that seemed to work was restart the Jack service with the maximum memory limit hard set to 4GB.  As I would not want to have to do this every time my PC rebooted, and to right a previous…well…it was not really wrong, I made the investment in another kit.

At any rate, my Newegg order came in the mail today, on Halloween, and I think it’s time to install some Kingston HyperX Fury.

You can watch the full video on YouTube.

Halloween Special – The RAM Episode

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