Did Someone Say Desk Pics?

Brand New Day

I feel another back story is in order.

A few months back, I replaced my 17″ Samsung monitor with a 22″ Lenovo.  The thought of setting up both came across my mind, but I had to defer that thought due to my limited desk space.  “If I didn’t have the fax machine, there would be no problem” I thought.  In a world where I have a MagicJack for my phone line and where the machine has not sent a proper fax in years otherwise (I cannot even get a clear copy), I felt it was time to lose the dead weight.

So I bought a desk phone so my plan can come all together. 

Aside from a graphics glitch in Chrome (only application I have come across with an issue), the dual monitor setup is working well.  I can add windows to the screen to my right, and am able to look back and forth with ease compared to the virtual desktop setup (which I still use, but I have since disabled the quick scroll feature).

You can watch this latest video on YouTube.

Did Someone Say Desk Pics?

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