The Christmas Special – HTPC Mk II

I meant to post this over a month ago … life has a tendency to be busy.

I started the HTPC craze over a decade ago with an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon card.  At that point I did not have much of a theatre, mostly watching media on a 15″ (later a 17″) CRT monitor.  After I moved into the house years later, I picked up a TV tuner card and installed it for the PC in my office but never used it to the full potential, or at least nearly as much as when I was still recording shows in the apartment.

At one point, when I started investing in $10 PC’s (hospital surplus systems), I ran into a problem.  The new motherboard was positioned in a way not to accommodate my video card and my TV Tuner.  I had to make a choice.  Knowing a HTPC was back in the works (I must have talked about this before), I saved it for that.

Well, things did not work out as planned. Continue reading “The Christmas Special – HTPC Mk II”

The Christmas Special – HTPC Mk II