Three if by Air

So I have not written here in a while.  Well, be prepared for a lengthy and unattractive one (all text, no hassle).

I mentioned in my last post that I had interest in consolidating PC’s.  Turns out, I moved my Cybaryme system up to the Lenovo M92 internals (Konor) for a small upgrade (from second to third-gen i5, as well as introduction of USB 3.0) all the while buying and installing the external enclosure.  Linux’s implementation of ZFS picked up the drives, and although I dropped the cache SSD and everything is transmitted through USB 3.0, the speed is quite respectable for what I need.

With access to all this local space, I wondered what to do with it all.  One of the things was being able to record television again (ages ago I had an ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder).  Given my ongoing predicament with Lenovo and their choice of PCI-Express slot placement, I had my Hauppauge WinTV-1250 tuner in the HTPC.  Because I wanted to consolidate (for example, to save power), I discovered the HDHomeRun Connect device.

HDHomeRun Connect is a standalone tuner that connects to your network and streams to a client (or a NAS) with their provided software.  It is also quite well supported in TvHeadEnd.  Since I did not want to go to Windows for the former, and was already familiar with the latter, I purchased a refurbished one off Amazon.  Set up was easy, but getting everything “right” was a huge hassle. Continue reading “Three if by Air”

Three if by Air