Content posted here has shifted lately, time for me to fill this page out with guidelines no one will see let alone read.

Comments affirming or in disagreement to what I write is encouraged on this blog.  I may not have the opportunity to get to then in a timely manner, but I will approve them eventually and may respond if I feel the need to clarify something I wrote.

Trolling is discouraged, for obvious reasons, but I may and likely still approve the comment anyway. Any snarly dissent with no substance says a lot more about the troll than myself.  Also, I may critique any snarly comments in the blog or elsewhere.  Just so you are aware.

Anyone being civil need not worry about the latter situation. Even an inflammatory discord, if written with a degree of respect – bashing the ideas (with reasons) and not the person – will be met with consideration and possibly a response which if made, will be civil as well.  Ideas should be shared, not judgements of individuals (even if you troll, although I may return the judgement, when I do it will be in a polite manner).


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