The “Never Enough Water” bike ride

…also known as the “Heartland Tour 2015 wish list” ride

Something I usually do only once a year,  I went out to Herring Cove via Purcell’s Cove road.  Then, (as foolish as it was to keep the game plan), I turned left toward Sambro, and continued along the coast.  From there (by the time I got to Sambro and approaching Crystal Crescent, returned back on the Old Sambro road into Spryfield.  Then it was down over the hill, back through the roundabout, and back home.

Did stop to chat with my friend Mark on the way back, a good opportunity to refresh on water (I had to bottles – one became empty and the other was still a block of ice).

Anyway, with breaks, it was a 4 hour trip, 60.2 km rode, and at an average pace of 21.3 km/h.

2015-08-15 - Herring Cove - Sambro ride - 60.2, 21.1

The “Never Enough Water” bike ride

The Special Natal Day Bike Ride

…also known as the “I’ll do what I always do bike ride.”

This is a familiar trek, from home to Joseph Howe Drive, up the Chain of Lakes Trail (known as the COLT), and through the Beachville-Lakeside-Timberlea (aka BLT) trail. Usually I cross the road to hook onto the St. Margaret’s Bay trail, but this time (much like last time), I looked at it, and turned around for home.

Anyway, the trek took about 2.75 hours, 47.3 km was traversed, at a (sore) pace of 19.2 km/h.

2015-08-03 - COLT-BLT  Natal day ride - 47.3, 19.2

The Special Natal Day Bike Ride